Small Groups

The first Christian church was the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. They prayed together, enjoyed fellowship together, had meaningful discussions, and helped each other learn and grow in God’s image.

Today, we should follow their example of intimate small groups in the church. That’s why everyone who joins the Universal Church of the Restoration is encouraged to join what we call a Theosis group. Theosis, in Greek, means “becoming divine,” and it’s the highest calling of every human being.

Theosis groups are between six and twelve people. They will be selected primarily based on geographical location, forming the nucleus of potential new congregations. Each group will meet once per week, either in person or by videoconference. (Currently, all meetings take place on Zoom.)

Small group meetings have been suspended as of January 2022, until further notice. Please contact us if interested to join the group when we start holding meetings again. We’ll send you a Zoom link and passcode and upcoming dates of the meetings.

Typically, the agenda will be as follows:

  • Joys and Concerns — Members share about the victories and blessings, struggles and sorrows they have experienced during the past week, in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Prayer — Members pray together, as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Discussion — Members discuss the theme of the previous Sunday service, exploring Bible verses, related books and study materials, questions, and how the theme is relevant to their own lives.
  • Resolutions — Members affirm their intentions for spiritual discipline in the coming week, such as religious practices or especially meaningful actions in their life.

In the future, our church may also form other small groups for specific purposes and demographics, such as Bible study, book groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, senior groups, youth groups, young adults, etc.