Christianity reborn.

The Universal Church of the Restoration is a Restorationist Christian Universalist community of faith.

  • Restorationist, because we seek to restore a more Biblical and Apostolic understanding of Christianity, including the nature of God and human beings, God’s plan of salvation, and how we should live our lives here on earth.
  • Christian, because we are Christ-centered, looking to Jesus as our greatest exemplar and teacher.
  • Universalist, because we believe that no one is forever condemned, no matter their sins or religious beliefs.

2,000 years ago, Jesus came to earth to tell us we’re the beloved children of God.

Today, we have a responsibility to build a Christian community that restores the fullness of the Gospel and listens for the voice of God still speaking in our world.

The Gospel is simple, yet profound in its implications. Our church teaches Biblical truths that other churches throughout history have covered up, played down, or not dared to stand for.

  • The Divine Feminine and gender equality. God is our Father in Heaven and our Heavenly Mother. Men and women are equal, created in God’s image. Human institutions — including the church — must reflect this fundamental truth.
  • Our divine nature and calling. If we are children of God, we are called to become fully divine, like Jesus showed us is possible. Children grow up. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our Elder Brother, and we follow in his footsteps.
  • God’s plan for the restoration of all. Earth is a school for our growth and development. We are fallen in sin, but we must resist evil and choose good. This world is a test of our character. God will keep testing us until we are perfected in Christ — and hope is never lost for any soul.

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