God’s Family

Pastor Eric Stetson shares the good news that God is a loving family and we’re all part of it. He discusses the significance of Jesus and Mary as exemplars for the sons and daughters of God, and our calling to grow up to spiritual maturity.

Look Inward, Come Together

We’re living in a difficult time. But it’s also a great opportunity to think about really matters. The coronavirus pandemic should inspire us to reflect on our faith and the meaning of life — and to share with others who have similar values.

Thoughts on Founding the Universal Church of the Restoration

About a year ago, I began reflecting on the growing need for a new type of church — a community of faith that brings people together in a coherent understanding of who we are as beloved children of God, and which, while being open-minded and inclusive, inspires people to live a devoutly religious life. The combination of progressive faith and a strong commitment to organized religion is hard to find, but for many years I have believed it to be the answer to many of humanity‚Äôs problems. This elusive synthesis can facilitate the greatest moral progress and spiritual maturity both for the individual and society.